Monday, October 24, 2011

Sour Comments On The Death Of Colonel Gaddafi: As Wall Street Occupies Libya, Maybe We Should ‘Occupy’ Our Financial Overlords

Look at our politicians, from Tony Abbott to Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd – all enthused about the overthrow of this “tyrant” Colonel Gaddafi, all revelling in his death.

Yet for many years now, Gaddafi had worked against the Al Qaeda terrorists. He opposed all forms of Islamist radicalism. Unlike Tony Abbott, he really would (and did) ‘stop the boats’ which set out from northern Africa for Europe. He marched the so-called ‘asylum seekers’ back into central Africa. He warned that the alternative to him might be an Islamist Libya and an immigration nightmare.

Something happened inside the Western power elite and a behind-the-scenes revolution was prepared, at first relying on some disaffected elements, some tribal groups that didn’t ever like Gaddafi and some young people who yearned for the “western lifestyle”. Gaddafi would have crushed it, but he never had the chance because the Western powers intervened. As the country fell apart, all the old divisions in society reappeared and in the end Gaddafi was gone.

We can now expect Wall Street, the empire of the Goldman Sachs, the Lazard Freres, the Chase Manhattan bankers, to move right on in.

There’s billions in oil to be grabbed. It’s a big risk in what has been done. What if some of the very Islamists who have been encouraged to overthrow Gaddafi, turn on the oil barons and the banks? Maybe a new war will be called for?

Even the terrorist Osama Bin Laden could see that power in America rested in the enormous concentrations of wealth in the hands of a few. And whatever otherwise were his motives in his attack upon the USA, his excuse always was that the money power in Wall Street, through its endless interferences in the Moslem world (indeed, everywhere!) demanded a response.

Perhaps the best way to defuse the whole powder keg is for the Wall Street chaos-bomb, to be put to sleep?

It is only just now that ''The Occupy Wall Street '' movement is taking action against the problem. These (mainly young) people have stood up against the bankers’ greed and have inspired a movement around the world – including Australia.

The real danger comes from within, rather than without. Certainly, if we were Americans, we would say that President Obama has ruined the ‘American Homeland and Dream’ for all except the top 1%. The Occupy Wall Street movement has stood up for the 99%

And like a rat, Obama falsely claims to be building the American economy to provide jobs .In the meantime, a redistribution of wealth from the top 1% could put 100,000 dollars in each American persons pocket, and back in a home .

This is simply money already stolen from them. What was it Obama said: Colonel Gaddafi had direct control of wealth of 200 billion dollars which, if divided, would give everyone in Libya some 33,000 dollars?

Since the top 1% in America own 44% of the real estate and get 30% of the total income, a forceful redistribution according to Obama's Libyan recipe would solve the financial dilemma for 99% of Americans.

And what if these faceless men of greed went out of this life in the same way as Colonel Gaddafi did? The cemeteries may struggle for a while, but the open air and buzzards will do the trick just as well!