Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Australia First is pleased to offer the new email address AFPSA@live.com for all parties to contact. The old email address is now closed .

Monday, May 7, 2012

Inverbrackie: Collaboration Lauded By Hills Courier

The Hills Courier (April 25) has once again spoken out in favour of the Inverbrackie Detention Centre. It has quoted at length Immigration Minister Chris Bowen and his especially commissioned report into the workings of the Centre. We have found it quite amazing, almost surreal, that this report could serious in asserting that nearly 300 jobs could be created for Hills residents. Jobs – for what? Working to achieve the recolonization of your country is not work, but treason. The report indicated that the so-called ‘refugees’ were coping well and that the schools were perfect models of friendly multiculturalism. When one throws vast sums of money at ‘projects’ and polices playgrounds and Parents and Citizens’ groups and so forth, a type of quiet resignation prevails. However, that is not the real position. We were right to have said at the start that many people would seemingly go silent under the glare of media lights. None of that means that they have ‘agreed’ to accept the Centre. Australia First Party has continued resistance and many local people continue to silently and obstructively resist. Because our party set out the model of the Community Strike, the government was forced to spend vast sums on its frauds. We have waged a type of economic guerrilla war against the system and we say quite openly that the day will surely come that the state will surely be short of cash. The multinational SERCO has profited from the centre as have local collaborators. The identities of many of these people are known. During the winter months, Australia First Party will be active in the Adelaide Hills.

One Nation Leader Objects To Our Analysis: Our Reply

A leader in One Nation has protested our article on the crisis in his party. In the interests of fairness, we acknowledge this protest We re-state, over the protest, that at no point was our criticism meant as an ‘attack’ upon One Nation. Rather, Australia First Party acknowledges the quality and commitment to the patriotic struggle of the vast majority of One Nation members. We have worked – and will continue to work – with many of them. But our recent criticism has been one concerning small cliques of so-called ‘leaders’ and particular mainstreamist ideological trends initiated and supported by them. We say that these persons and their ‘ideas’ have engendered the crisis of the party. It has been put to us that we erred when we stated that One Nation might lose its party registration shortly; it was said that One Nation’s registration was just affirmed. The registration of the One Nation party was indeed affirmed last week by the Australian Electoral Commission. However, in reply to our friend, we state that this does not obviate our point that there are forces operating to formally divide One Nation (indeed, they have essentially done so). Whether this registration can now be maintained is the question. It was put to us that we were wrong to say that One Nation had deviated from its policies. It is true that the policies may well have stayed the same. What has changed is the ideological underpinning of these policies. It is that which endangers the interpretation of the policies. The Queensland clique, with their commitment to multiracial assimilation (ie anyone can come to Australia if he ‘assimilates’), the over-concentration on the Islamic migration question (to the detriment of a generalised critique of all immigration) and the offerings to endorse the so-called ‘conservative’ Liberal National Party – point to precisely a satellite position towards the reactionary Coalition about which we have spoken. We cannot see that the Queensland One Nation leadership offers anything that the Liberals could not accommodate. They have betrayed the spirit of the policies. It would be wrong of us to do anything other than offer our political support to the fairdinkum people in One Nation against any who would bring it down. A withering away of the party is in no one’s interest. In our original article, we spoke of the ‘three tier method’ and party building. We have said for some time that if One Nation pursued an electoralist method – it would ultimately fade away. We urge One Nation members to study that question. What is relevant to the nationalist struggle is that those who are true to the original One Nation line, take an independent position. On that basis, it is time they started talking to Australia First. It is not the name ‘One Nation’ that is important. It is the cause. If the organisation has been white-anted and betrayed that does not prevent good people from rebelling and taking the nationalist road. Once again, we affirm our essential friendship for the true upholders of One Nation. But we say – it is time to move on.