Saturday, January 5, 2013

Vale: Col Wuttke

We acknowledge the passing of our esteemed South Australian member, Mr. Colin Wutke. He died on Christmas Day, aged 87. ****************************************************************************** In 1976, Col joined the Immigration Control Association (ICA), then directed from NSW by the tireless activist Bob Clarke. He was a candidate for a party spurred by the ICA for the 1980 elections. *********************************************************************************** When the ICA was wound up finally in 1982, he joined National Action, which remained a commitment for the next two decades until it too was dissolved amidst changed circumstances. Colin was also involved with the Pauline Hanson One Nation movement right from its very beginning in 1997. Indeed, the One Nation (SA) acknowledged his loyal commitment and gave him life membership with a framed certificate. **************************************************************************** When Australia First Party was re-launched in 2007, Col became a member and despite his years, was a very dedicated activist and has spent many hours leafleting, placing stickers and attending meetings and talking to many people who came his way. ********************************************************************************* Colin was a diary farmer for many years and in his later years grew potatoes on his Springton Farm in the Adelaide Hills. He was always close to the land and enjoyed the lifestyle. **************************************************************************** But politics was his life. He certainly campaigned where he could to reinstate our Commonwealth Bank as it was intended and whenever there was a political forum around Adelaide or about the Nation he was there. He kept up to date on Australian and international issues as a subscriber to the generally useful publications of the Australian League of Rights and David Duke. *************************************************************************************** An AF member, Mat, said to us: “Colin Edward Wuttke, you have done Australia proud and your loyalty is very much appreciated. You will be sadly missed. RIP mate!” *********************************************************************************** Jim Saleam added: “It was a pleasure to have known such a bloke for thirty years. Australia needs more like him to win the great cause of national independence.”