Sunday, February 17, 2013

Islamic Dangers Now Stalk Adelaide: Attempts To Impose Islamic Rules Should Be Resisted

First sharia dress codes ….. It has usually been the case - up to now - that Moslem groups have demanded ‘rights’ in our society – the right to cover their faces in banks and on driving licenses, the right to establish Mosques where they like, the right to eat halal foods and have them labelled – but now a new cultural danger has come to the fore. One Moslem group demanded the right to impose Islamic practices upon Australians.***************************** Two female teachers from the Islamic College of South Australia have been compelled to start court action against being unfairly dismissed because their attire was considered inappropriate. ***************************** The teachers were sacked last year by the West Croydon school, which issued a warning to all female teachers - Muslim and non-Muslim - to wear a hijab head scarf, or face the sack.******************************* School principal Kadir Emniyet defended the school's policy, which he said he had discussed with all 42 teachers. He said "90 per cent of them are happy to adhere to the policy". Were most of the teachers Moslem? And if not, why did any Australian agree to it? ******************************************** Mr Emniyet, also said male teachers who breached the staff dress code - for example, by wearing shorts - would face the same three-strikes warning system as female teachers who did not adhere to the headscarf policy.*************************************** This smacks of sharia law and is alien to Australian cultural practise.

Second Halal Foods

Many Australians buy Steggles Chicken products. This company has been bought out by Baida Chicken, a company bending to Moslem interests , and itself owned by Lilydale . All Steggles products are now ‘halal’. This involves slaughter under Islamic supervision , under Sharia Law , with massive payments to these Islamics , thereby increasing the cost of the final product to Australian Taxpayers . The cry of ‘’Allahu Akbar’’ the cry of the Jihadi , is uttered as each animal is killed . These same Taxpayers will find themselves unknowingly eating ‘’Halal ‘’food sacrificed to’’ foreign gods’’ in breach of our Christian Heritage and Biblical Instruction .************************************** ’’DO NOT EAT THINGS SACRIFICED TO IDOLS AND THOU SHALT HAVE NO OTHER GOD BUT ME ‘’ PERSONS OF ANY OTHER FAITH SHOULD NOT TOLERATE THIS UNWELCOME INTRODUCTION OF SHARIA LAW IN AUSTRALIA*************************************** . As well as this it is widely said that these payments around the world total an enormous amount of money and are partly directed to the Islamic Brotherhood and thence to Terrorism . Many Australians rightly object to any of the rules that make up halal slaughter . Yet it is often hard to notice those small notices that describe a product as halal. Steggles is a major marketer of poultry products in the Adelaide market. Such products should be boycotted.

A Christian Sends A Letter

We publish a passionate plea from a Christian person. Such views are common now with many sincere Christians. It is surely time more Christians took the road of opposing the effects of multiculturalism. We are told this paper circulates in a number of Christian churches in Adelaide.************************************************ Just as maggotts may devour the carcass of a once mighty lion and rust slowly destroy even the finest of steels, if care is not taken the fanaticism of Islam, combined with the mental disorders of 1400 years and of inbreeding (marrying first cousins in some communities) may undermine host countries foolish enough to admit Moslem migrants. Further propelled as they are by the blind belief in the paedophile Mohammed and his anti Christian Koran, they are led into delusional dreams of restoring the Caliphate worldwide. ***************************************************** The method is simple and it follows a pattern of mass immigration to a country under the false umbrella of Islam being a religion of peace. The rule is to suck the welfare state dry with Muslim men having multiple wives and pumping out as many children as possible courtesy of the social security benefits supplied from the taxes of the inhabitants of the country which is being silently invaded . As long as the Islamic population remains very small they pretend to be friendly and pretend to assimilate .Finally, due to more immigration and high birth rates they comprise say 10% of the population, they make demands and use violence******************************************** Subtle and violent intimidation increases towards the native population, who are slowly pushed bit by bit to move out of areas which Muslim settlers have targeted until we reach the situation, say in France, where there are 751’’ no go’’ areas for French people, Some 751 areas inhabited 100% by Muslims become zones where neither police, ambulances or firemen can go. ****************************************************** This is a European wide phenomenon right now causing social crisis in countries like Sweden and Denmark.************************ The native inhabitants are bashed and women raped by Muslims at an astronomical level. Other crimes take place on a massive level. ******************************************* The remedy as before is to be a True Crusader and control and confine Islamists and make no concessions .Since they cannot obey all rules of the host country and culture which they do not like they must ultimately be the subject of a type of fair repatriation over time. In the meantime they must conform to the demands of the host society.************************************************* Australia is our country not theirs; our European-Democratic Australia is about to be massively threatened by Islam over the next 30 years in our suburbs and communities unless we stand united as Crusaders AgainstIslam Recent Adelaide reports of Australian Teachers being pushed to wear the hijab demands that this terrorism and piece of Sharia Law be rejected outright. It is the thin edge of the wedge as Islam seeks to destroy host cultures by incremental gains over time The total rejection of Islamic culture and beliefs is a test of our Christian Faith because Islam and its Koran is the Antichrist, the 666 of the Bible. ******************************************** It is your worst nightmare come true Read on the internet the hopeless situation many countries in Europe are experiencing ,and reclaim your Christian Heritage as we march forward once again to Destroy Islam as at the Gates of Vienna, in the Spanish inquisition ,and as Charles Martel did in France. Knowledge is Power .Gain knowledge and unite to save your children’s future from Islamic Oppression. Why live as a second rate citizen in Australia paying Jizya or the Tax to Muslims to even be allowed to live amongst the Faithful Muslims

Money Showered On Muslim Groups

The following Muslim communities across Australia were helped with huge amounts of taxpayers' money: - Auburn Community Development Network - Australian Somali Community Association Inc. (ASCA). - Bali Peace Park Association - Burwood Council - Centre for Multicultural Youth - City of Darebin - Federation of Ethnic Communities - Council of Australia (FECCA) - Football United - Fairfield - Footscray Football Club - Forum on Australia 's Islamic Relations - Horn of Africa Development Agency (HARDA) - InterAction Multifaith Youth Network - Islamic Council of Queensland - Islamic Council of Victoria - La Trobe University - Lebanese Muslim Association - North Melbourne Football Club - Pace e Bene Australia - University of Melbourne - Victorian Arabic Social Services - The Youth Centre - Youth Development Australia