Thursday, December 23, 2010

Will Some In One Nation Cross To The Dark Side On Refugees: Why Can’t It Just Be NO??

Dr. Jim Saleam and Brendan Gidley

Mr. Basil Hille, South Australian Director of the One Nation party, has written an important article on refugees. If his comments become One Nation policy, then it would mean that One Nation had fundamentally compromised its principles.

We understand that the refugee influx, the breaking open of the borders is the ultimate irrationality which faces all who say they are Australian patriots. It is something which threatens our very right to exist as a people. And it is being foisted upon us by politicians, capitalists, media, church lunatics, leftists - in front of our eyes. Our people are being dispossessed in their own land.

So, some decent people tinker with the hard question - yes or no? Some play clever with it. Some lose sight of what the task of any Australian patriot is: to secure the Australian Nation itself!

Mr. Hille has written:

“Meanwhile, we in One Nation if we are against the arrival of boat people we must have an alternative solution, and one way I or we propose is, stop illegal immigrants in the country of their departure, that is where they board the boats on their journey to Australia eg. Indonesia or where ever, this must be done in consultation with the appropriate government authorities of that country, with any that may slip past those authorities and arrive in Australian waters then placed on planes and sent to appropriate refugee locations and processed along with other refugees who have been waiting patiently for entry into Australia the legal and safe way, other wise they are queue jumpers and are taking a place away from those who waited patiently and earned the right to enter Australia.”

The Australia First Party is not concerned with whether refugees (sic) are illegals, or if they are legally (sic) processed by ten thousand United Nations officials for entry to Australia.

Australia First does not care whether they paid to come by boat (as ‘queue-jumpers’), or whether they patiently waited their ‘turn’. Australia First says: no, no, no!

Australia First would repudiate all treaties on refugees.

Australia First would turn all boats around as the Malaysians did to Vietnamese boats in 1976-9.

Australia First would declare these unarmed intruders to be unlawful combatants in a new type of warfare which will characterise the twenty-first century: the war for resources, land, water and life itself. Those who re-entered the national territory after being turned about, after being provisioned to return home, after receiving full warning – would be sunk.

Australia First recognises that, combined with the ‘legal’ immigration invasion, the refugee influx adds to our woe. Essentially, Australia is being drowned in a sea of alien cultures.

Can One Nation say what needs to be said? The members of One Nation clamour to hear the truth shouted loud and clear! But do some leaders fear the media will frighten the voters off by saying they are a party of blood and violence? Truly any party that allows these refugees into Australia is creating an age of blood and violence ! Who said ‘voters’ are the answer here? Isn’t agitation and action that mobilises the Australian people - what is really needed?

What is being proposed to One Nation members is Liberal Party deceit-politics. Isn’t that what an Abbott might say? It is not a nationalist solution. If such a policy line was ultimately imposed upon the One Nation party – then it would be time for members to vote with their feet. And Australia First would welcome all who are prepared to fight!

We call on One Nation members: do not go down the compromise road!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Collaborators Organize In The Hills. ‘Circle Of Friends’ And Churches Turn Against The Australian People.

The collaborators are organizing with increased vigour now that the first refugees (buzz word: asylum seekers) have arrived at Inverbrackie.

The so-called Circle Of Friends is now active throughout the churches and the business community. Their tentacles of intimidation are everywhere, cowing some people to silence.

Named And Shamed.

We name and shame Tricia Dundon for organizing for the Friends. We name and shame Karen Kennedy who has already encouraged alien labour in the Hills. We name and shame Damien Lataan of Verdun who abuses and ridicules Australians for even thinking to resist. We name and shame the Principal of Woodside Primary School, Mr. Balnaves, who is going to give the 250 Aussie kids in his care propaganda lessons in “cultural diversity” when term starts.

Some 25 churches have issued – as one would expect – a declaration in support of the intruders. They promise resources that they didn’t give yesterday for Aborigines, or the homeless, but for this lot – no worries! Out comes the largesse. Rev. Preuss can lie to the Adelaide Hills people and say that the churches are active everywhere in the community and that this is a local case. No! No! All over Australia, these so-called Christians will pander to Hindus, Moslems, animists and others ahead of fellow Christians, but certainly ahead of Australians.

Community Strike The Way Forward!

Australia First Party says that its model of a community strike is the way forward. You can do it silently and effectively.

Don’t talk to the collaborators. Don’t buy from the collaborators. Boycott their fake-Christian churches and decline all church funds’ collections. Mothers: remember that the Woodside Primary School is out to brainwash your kids – just starve the school of funds and help because now (sadly) you have no choice.

This is your country and it is deliberately being given away. You are obliged to fight back - for the generations of Australians yet unborn!

Tony Abbott All For Refugees!

The independent Federal MP, Andrew Wilkie, dropped a political bomb on Tony Abbott that all Australians trying to find their way through the refugee battle should listen to.

Mr. Wilkie said two days ago, that during the period when the formation of a government was being negotiated after the last Federal poll, Abbott offered to double the refugee intake if Wilkie would install the Liberals in power.

Double the numbers?

What has Australia First being saying from the start? We have warned that the Liberal Party is not in any sense opposed to the refugee influx. Quite the contrary. They only make certain noises to placate the growing anger of the Australian people at the privilege accorded parasites while Australians live on the streets, while families lose their homes, while old folk find it hard to manage.

Australia First Party says that the LABER-AL parties together support the influx of refugees (as they describe themselves!) over the interests of the Australian People.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Inverbrackie: Refo-Leaks To The Rescue!

The party has been advised that the Feds have called for tender to provide two cold storage containers and two other containers for the Inverbrackie Detention Centre.

Whatever the equipment is for, we recommend that companies refuse to tender.

Any company that tenders may be rightly the political target of people’s action.

Further, the party has been advised that refugee advocate Ian Rintoul has recently described Australians as people “who have had their chance”. Regarding them as people who waste their money on “poker machines”, he is ready to push for higher intakes. Rintoul is a Trotskyite communist of decades-standing who believes “no one is illegal”.

If Rintoul appears in the Adelaide Hills as part of the intellectual terror campaign against the Australian People, he deserves the appropriate confrontation!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Refugee Violence Will Grow

Adelaide Hills residents have every reason to be fearful of the Inverbrackie refugee centre. The following material was extracted recently from Adelaide media:

"An Afghan refugee has admitted indecently assaulting a teenage girl on an Adelaide train a month after beginning his new life.

Sayed Sidaqat, 34, pleaded guilty in Adelaide Magistrates Court to indecently assaulting the 16-year-old girl on a city-bound train from Outer Harbor in June.

The court heard the girl was scared and tried to get the attention of other passengers, but no-one responded.

Sidaqat's lawyer said the man suffered from psychological problems from being tortured by the Taliban. His mother, wife and four children are refugees in Pakistan.

Extra security was called after the girl's father voiced his anger that his daughter's attacker was still on bail.

Magistrate Joseph Baldino said he was not prepared to sentence Sidaqat until full reports had been prepared on his mental health."

Such a fine fellow: he abandoned his family supposedly to horror rather than stand and fight and die in their protection! Other information revealed he paid a large sum of money to come to Australia. Where did he get this money/ Or was it that he was some sort of no-good element who was like an advance guard for his family who are really in no danger at all?

Those who support the Inverbrackie centre will be held to account when the first rapist and killer breaks out and roams the Adelaide Hills - searching for prey. What will the gaggle of pastors and compassionate folks say then? How about a big "sorry day"?

Trotskyite Communists Rally For Inverbrackie Refugees!

About 200 persons gathered in Lobethal last weekend to show support for the planned Inverbrackie detention centre, which will accommodate 400 'asylum seekers' (unarmed invaders and parasites).

Several already-feeding-at-the-trough 'refugees' shared their stories in an attempt to foster compassion for the imminent arrivals.

Ali Valamanesh, who came from Iran, urged people have an open mind. He spoke the usual touchy-feely line:

"Try to see them, meet them, talk to them and really when you ask 'How are you?' really mean that and let them explain how they are feeling," he said.

The forum was organised by the support group Circle of Friends, which claims 60 members. Friends of the local maddie Mel Fabian were on hand, as were members of certain Christian churches.

Rebekkah Sparrow is a Friends member. She told an interesting yarn:

"[We are] individuals who have just come out of the woodwork everywhere and said, 'Look, you know, we don't all feel the way that people have been portrayed initially, there are many people that feel compassion'," she said.

But the mask has been ripped off and the origin of the Friends has been revealed. This Rebekkah Sparrow aka Rebekah Osmond (engaged to activist Steven Lord ) is the Socialist Alliance organiser of this con job!! Socialist Alliance is a Trotskyite communist party which is allied to the Greens.

So-called peace activist Ruth Russell says it is frustrating to see the community misconceptions about refugees.

"They're still calling people illegal asylum seekers and we all know and it was explained very clearly to lots of the representatives that were there that they are not illegal, but these are the myths that I think we have to counter," she said.

Myths? A better myth to counter is that this lady is a peace activist. Her associates across the South Australian Left scene make her less than an innocent lamb.

The alliance of loons, so-called Christians, Trotskyites and bleeding-hearts of all types, is an inevitable response to the anger of many locals and to the activism of Australia First. As people rally against the government line, out comes the first picket line of defence.

The struggle deepens.

Below is an example of what inevitably happens when Marxist groups take over the peoples cause. As you will note there is no room for opposing views. Please note the language and the threats from these so called do gooders from the left.

Below. Perth Nationalists attacked by Socialist Alliance members at a Free Speech Internet Censorship Rally.