Monday, August 18, 2014

The Yazidis Of Iraq: Give Them Guns Not Refugee Visas

As exactly as we said in our leaflets: the
 Liberal government will ”‘stop the boats 
to fly the planes”. 

Now that the Islamist terrorists in Iraq are
 threatening a possible genocide against 

the Yazidi group, the Liberals have opted
 to bring 4400 of them to Australia. 

Australia First Party suggests these people
be given guns, not refugee visas. 

Let us be direct. The only moral obligation
 (sic) that is worth talking about is the fact
 that our country was complicit in the falsely
 based invasion of Iraq in 2003.  The troika
 of George Bush, Tony Blair and 
John Howard, the ‘coalition of the willing’,
invaded Iraq to position the so-called 
‘Western Alliance’ there to serve Israel 
and to obtain oil wealth, destabilizing the
 Middle East to their advantage in these 

The excuse that there were weapons of
mass destruction in Iraq and a link between
 Saddam Hussein’s Ba’athist state and 
Al Qaeda – was a lie. It is now known to 
have been a Big Lie. 

But in overthrowing the Ba’athists, 
the Western Alliance opened up the
 gates to chaos.


The original Ba’athist state would never
 have tolerated Islamist extremism and
whatever may be said of the dictator 
Saddam Hussein, he was their sworn 


Right now, Australia can and should
 arm the Yazidis to fight their way 
towards autonomy in Iraq. There are
easily 100,000 Yazidis capable of
taking up arms against the Islamists
 of ‘Islamic State’. 

Bringing any of them to Australia is false
 morality from people who have no 
morality. Ironically, it brings thousands
close to a new crop of Islamic extremists
 breeding up and growing up in Australian
 suburbs, men beyond reason or hope,
 Islamist fanatics certain to bring terrorism
 to us all.


As the father of the true Australian
 immigration program after 1945, 
Arthur Calwell put it: emigration is
 never the answer to the problems
 in a country in the non European world. 
The issues are too vast. The best solution
 is revolutionary change.


There is no doubting the barbarity of the
 Islamic State group in Syria and Iraq. 
However, these human-garbage were
formerly trained by the CIA to fight 
Syria’s President Assad. Now the US 
politicians and Tony Abbott cry crocodile
tears about their terrorism. In reality, the
Islamic State are useful. They deflect 
attention away from Israeli crime in 
Gaza and provide new excuses to 
interfere in Middle East politics.


So: Abbott wants 4000 of the Yazidis
 arriving here to welfare and housing
 and so on. Such generosity. An 
atonement for a war the Liberals
caused? And animmediate problem
for which the only true solution is to
 arm the Yazidis and then butt out?


How long before Australians want a 
total ‘out’ of the politics of the 
Middle East?


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